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Tim Tebow: ‘In the Beginning…’


So here we are. We stand on the precipice of  the Tim Tebow era.

The Denver Broncos seem poised to start Tebow Sunday in Oakland when they venture into “The Black Hole” and take on the Oakland Raiders.

orton-raidersThese would be the same Oakland Raiders who thumped the Denver Broncos 59-14…a Raiders franchise record for points scored in a game by the way. Did I mention they came into Denver’s house and did that? No need. You already know right? Remember that sting a shard do ya?!

Anyway, those Broncos were then quarterbacked by Kyle Orton. The same Kyle Orton was on a blistering passing pace while leading a 2-4 Broncos team that felt itself playoff worthy. So much for that.

These Broncos will be going into Oakland as the 3rd worst team in the league from a record standpoint. Let’s face it, as the great Bill Parcells is oft-quoted to say…”You are what your record says you are“, right?

So “TIMMY!” Tebow gets his first NFL start by being cast headlong into “The Black Hole”. I think the world of this kid…as a person. His sheer competitive will to not be denied victory was remarkable while with the Florida Gators. There were times where it seemed to many that he willed his teams to win, and perhaps by that will alone…they did. He has been mentioned as perhaps the greatest college football player ever. High praise. A good resume. Yes a great college resume it is.

I truly hope, for this kid’s sake (and for the sake of Denver Bronco fans world-wide) that his football mind, will to win and not be denied, work ethic, faith and moral compass point straight to a great professional career as well. I know I have more than a couple of doubts, but there is that little voice nagging me…talking about “intangibles” and “leadership qualities”. Oh wait, I have McD‘s introductory press conference for Tebow from April playing as I write this. Let me close this… *click*

In all seriousness, I think he has a shot to be a good/above average NFL quarterback, but not anytime soon. I think today will be interesting. Statistically I expect a passer rating for Mr. Tebow that should be at or near the expected 56(f) kickoff temperature in Oakland, per weather.com. It won’t help someone with a sundial-timed release like Tebow that it will be a bit muggy, and maybe even rainy. But fret not Bronco fan! Tim himself recently told the Denver Post that he was not afraid of the big, bad “Black Hole”

“In college, times like that, I always enjoyed playing on the road just as much in hostile environments, so that wouldn’t be a distraction for me,” Tebow said.

Good on ya kiddo! Fear not this valley of darkness, nor any evil therein! Hell, in the immortal words of coach Wayne Hisler “Get a mean on son!” Believe me…you’ll need it (and oh so much more) today.

Because God knows the costumed, chemically altered (and freshly released from “holding”), battery-chucking fans of Oakland will have theirs on.


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  1. mgb says:

    Right on!!!! FUN AND YET IMP[RESSIVE. factual and good thoughts. Good luck 15 and love the Broncos.

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