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Colorado Rockies Workout for Charity

The Colorado Rockies held a public workout for charity at Coors Field on Thursday, the eve of Opening Day, with proceeds going to the Rockies Foundation. Great way to get ready for the baseball season. Are you ready? I know I am! Enjoy the sampling of pictures from our beautiful Colorado day… [Click thumbnails below for larger image]  Read More »

Complete List of Denver Broncos 2011 Draft Picks

Back on March 25 the NFL handed out 32 compensatory picks. The Denver Broncos received one of those, that being a 7th round selection. So what are compensatory picks? In addition to the 32 picks in each round, there are a total of 32 picks awarded at the ends of Rounds 3 through 7. These picks, known as “compensatory picks,” are awarded to teams that have lost more qualifying free agents... 

Carmelo Anthony gets taste of the Big Apple

Everyone once and awhile one of those really fun images just seems to appear out of thin air. This one, oddly enough, came while showering. Now stay with me. The late great Bill Mauldin, who won multiple Pulitzer prizes as an editorial cartoonist, used to make it a rule that he had to have 10 ideas every morning while he sat in the bath tub. Creativity happens at weird times and usually it’s when... 
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