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Denver Broncos Training Camp (07.28.11)

So good to be back at Dove Valley this morning for the start of Denver Broncos Training Camp. It was hot, I got fried, but I don’t care!

I had a blast trying to spot John Fox on the field just so I could analyze his coaching style.

I had a blast watching all the new players and figuring out all the new jersey numbers, all the while scoping new talent.

I had a blast because I was watching football again.

Sideline Report:


  • The big news of the day was Kyle Orton hasn’t been traded and he was taking the first team snaps at quarterback this morning, he looked great doing it. Kyle looked like a well oiled machine and hit receivers with precision throughout the session. He doesn’t hang around Tim Tebow, they are not buddies.


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  • I was surprised and happy to see rookie offensive tackle Orlando Franklin out on the field, I guess he signed his contract shortly before practice. I couldn’t miss Big O, as I like to call him, he’s a monster and I love him already!


  • The standout player of the day was undrafted rookie free agent WR Mark Dell from Michigan State. He really caught my attention with his hard cuts and route running. I know it’s early, but he has the looks of another productive undrafted rookie for the Broncos. I love those kind of guys, the hard working Rod Smith type of guys.


  • We aren’t going to have to worry about a letdown from Brandon Lloyd after his huge season last year. He looked just the same, wonderful!


  • Overall it just looked like a really good practice for a bunch of guys that have been away from the game for some time. There was a little rust here and there but the energy and enthusiasm was awesome. I think John Fox brings an experienced calm to the team as well.


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  1. pegleg says:

    broncos suck!

    tebows a bible thumpin backup quarterback for life!

    McD screwed your team too bad for Fox to fix in one season.

    Another 59 point drubbing comin your way week one.

    good luck gettin 4 wins this year and helping us forget about the past 8 seasons at the bottom of the west. it is definitely the broncos turn to keep that spot warm for the chargers when they are ready to reclaim it next season.

    my least favorite teams of all time:

    1. broncos
    2. chargers
    3. chiefs
    4. cowboys
    5. steelers
    6. new england

    my least favorite fans of all time:

    1. chargers
    2. broncos
    3. cowboys
    4. steelers

    The only Nation in all of sports:



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